Sunday, November 06, 2011

Occupy Boston

This weekend I visited Occupy Boston.  The camp was very neat and clean and everyone I saw for the most part were keeping it orderly.  I didn't make a count but there easily could have been 150+ tents there not including community tents(ie: first aid, information, donation tents, etc).  I think I must have caught the camp as a down moment as I didn't see more than 100 or so people around, but I believe there was a rally going on somewhere and that is were everyone was.

I was impressed with how good natured everyone was.  While I did notice a selection of what I like to call "the crazies" most of the people I saw seemed pretty much like myself.  One interesting moment was when I walked by two guys debating about what the government and corporations should be doing. While both were obviously coming from different sides of the issues they seemed to be having fun with it.

Overall I'm glad I went.  I think the movement is trying to do something good. My concerns are that the radicals will either take over or that the media will focus on them.  Not that I have any personal problems with what I consider the radical side of the protest(Pro Communism/socialism camps) but I think that the stigma associated with them will scare away the "average" american.  I think that when I get a chance I want to go back Occupy Boston again and see how it changes as the weeks go by.

No idea if this is true. I'm not a coke drinker anyway. 

Yup...that is me!

Wall of Signs

Live Music

I really liked this one. 


The QR code on this one caught my eye.  Must be the marketer in me. 

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