Monday, November 14, 2011

About time

A couple of years ago I was stuck on a plan for more than 4 hours sitting at the gate. The airline, U.S. Airways wouldn't let us off, let us get out of our seats, or even give us water to drink. This was officially the worst flight I had ever been on and consequently the last time I ever flew on U.S. Airways.

It looks like the new rule that the Department of Transportation instituted is finally coming into effect. Read about it here...

Press Release | U.S. Department of  Transportation

The results of the new rules prove that regulation isn't always a bad thing. A lot of people would complain that the government shouldn't be meddling and that companies can and should regulate themselves. Well to those people out there I say look at the stats. The airline industry had plenty of time to regulate themselves and didn't do anything. Instead it took an act of government and for that I am thankful.

Now only if we can get them to do something about the those health insurance companies.

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