Thursday, October 27, 2011


It's snowing October. While not unheard off I'm not ready for it.  There was a time when I looked forward to those white crystals that fell from the sky.  That was a long time ago though, when I was younger living in the north country.  I think it might be a sign of age that as I get older it gets harder and harder to embrace the cold.  There are days still when a freshly fallen snow blankets the yard that look upon it with the wonder of childhood...then I realize that I'll probably be digging out my car at some point and the fantasy is lost.  Mind you, I wouldn't trade it away, oh no.  For me, winter balances out the year and makes me appreciate the rest of the year's weather here in New England.  At least it looks like it won't last long.  Hopefully by tomorrow the snow will be nothing by a memory.

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Deb said...

We're under a winter storm watch for some major snow on Saturday!! I have lost any love I ever had for the evil white stuff. Winter IS coming.