Monday, October 17, 2011


I'm getting ready for a trip to Florida this weekend and today I reserved my rental car at Hertz.  For some reason the internet decided that it would be a good idea to error out as I was hitting the "submit" button approving my rental. The result of this being that I now have 2 reservations with the same reservation number with 2 different rates.   I called Hertz and the lady on the phone told me that she didn't know what happened but I shouldn't have gotten the lower of the rates, but as I did receive a confirmation letter though it will be honored.  I get the feeling though that when I go to pick up my car I'm going to be hassled about the rate.  I did a print out of the confirmation and can pull up the email by phone if I have any problems. Still, its a rather ominous beginning. Fingers crossed.

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