Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's getting cold and I love it.

It's Autumn and I love it.  I get to wear sweaters to work. The office is cold and sweaters are cozy. I think I was built for Autumn/Spring.  Winter and Summer are extremes and while I can handle them both I thrive during the equinox.

But winter is coming and soon I will need to start thinking about getting myself a pair of new gloves.  I used to have a nice pair of grey merino wool knit gloves. I got them while traveling in New Zealand a few years ago. I loved those gloves.  Unfortunately, while one a work trip in Columbus, Ohio I sadly left them in a cab while I was paying.  Not some cabby has my gloves and my hands get cold.  Hopefully I'll find some new pair soon...before it gets too cold.

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