Sunday, May 10, 2009

Space Marines!!!

Yesterday I headed up to Andover to to visit Sam. Our first adventure brought us to his favorite gaming store Myriad games. I was actually impressed with the selection of available goods as well as the customer service. I left the store with 5 marines and a paint set. Sam and I took the rest of the afternoon to begin painting. I was able to get do my first 3 marines while Sam worked on his Ork trukk. I wish I had a picture of the trukk as its it looking rather garish - especially with the Orkish grafiti all over it.

Below is a picture of my first 5 completed marines. I decided to go with my own color scheme rather than selecting one of the standard ones. I think they are looking rather good - although I'm still learning how to manage paint levels. I didn't want to go pure white with the armor - if you look their armor is actually dry brushed white which gives it some interesting textures. We'll see if I still like it in a week.


Benjamin said...

And so it begins, the long, slippery slope.

CryptoGnomicon said...

Seriously - Sam has been pushing me towards this cliff a little each day.I hate to say it but so far I'm ready to jump!