Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Airline Baggage Fees" or "Lets get Raped by the Airlines"

Yesterday United airlines announced that they are doubling their fees for the 2nd checked bag to $50.

WTF?!? Not that I actually would ever willingly fly United or anything but what the hell?

Hypothetical: I am flying somewhere and need to check 2 bags. I could fly with Airline X and Pay $Y amount....or I could fly with United and pay $Y amount plus and additional $50 for that second bag(plus $15 for 1st). That's adding $65 to the ticket price.

Sorry guys...but United ticket pricing is not $65 less then their competitors. Why the hell would anyone fly with them?

Sadly I think that once one airline makes a move like this it will give a free hand to others to follow suit.

Next fee they will come up with. $50 fee if you are alive. $75 if you are dead.

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