Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Excel to Excel

Very tired tonight. It was one of those days that just seemed to drag on for a while. Not that this was a bad thing, because the last week or so since moving up to marketing has just flown by. Today I started the 2007 review on all the Territory Marketing projects that had been done. I've been given a massive Excel grid of various numbers and my job is to basically crunch them in as many ways as I can to leach out as much data as I am able. While for most people this would seem an odious task, its a project I've actually been looking forward to for a couple weeks now. Tomorrow I spend the morning re-learning Excel. It's been a while since I've had to use it so I signed up for a refresher course at work.

My other goal tomorrow is to release to the Outside Sales team the new web based project form that we've been working on. I think that will thin out much of the confusion due to Sales reps not filling out the old MS Word form properly.

Oh the joy

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