Saturday, January 26, 2008

Carlos the Dwarf

In just over an hour, Simon, Katia, and I will be heading over to Norton to play some D&D. Ben's campaign has just started into the 4th book and Grimwald Browbeater the Dwarven Cleric who was never meant to go farther than 4th lev is now at 8th lev with level adjust for being reincarnated into the body of a Duergar(dark dwarf). What makes him more complicated is that on the last adventure Grimwald acquired a suit of full plate armor that is cursed with the soul of a long dead Eldritch Knight. Ever day that Grimwald uses the armor there is a chance that he will become this new character...

wacky eh?

We just finished up watching the series "Freaks & Geeks" which we got from Netflix. Overall a good series with lots of unrealized potenial. My favorite moment of the last episode was when "Daniel" the Freak leader ended up haning out with the geeks for the night playing D&D. His character..."Carlos the Dwarf".

Today is going to be a short game day most likely and I'm not sure what else I'm up to. Maybe play some more Mass Effect on the 360. I played that for several hours last night(and didn't seem to get very far it). Overall no major plans beyond gaming this weekend. I should really do something about that...

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