Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Under the Weather.

I've been feeling rather under the weather the last couple of days. I think part of it is my immune system is on attack due to the finger injury & tetanus shot. My arms hurts from the shot still, but my finger seems to be healing nicely. Overall though this whole experience has put me in a terrible mood the last couple of days. Hopefully will get better by this weekend.

In other news, they announced my move up to Marketing at work. The official transition date is February 18th, but I'm sure I'll be going up there before then to sit in with the team and begin training for the position.

Monday, January 28, 2008


The oil bill came today. 119 gallons used up. I hope this is the last time this winter..but we probably will need another refill or partial one...

Attacked by an Onion

Yesterday while cutting onions for a soup I was making, my knife slipped. 20 minutes later I was sitting in the emergency room waiting for a doctor to look at the massive laceration on my left pointer finger. More painful than the actual cut was when the doctor was injecting my finger with a pain killer. Now THAT hurt. I finally left the hospital with 2 stitches and an afternoon wasted. I have this large bandage on my finger that I have to leave on for another day or so, which is making typing this a challenge.

The soup did in fact turn out pretty good in the end.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Game Day

Yesterday's came went fairly well. Starting at 11am, we spent about an hour doing pre-game organization. Turns out that Ben accidentally leveled up Sam & Katia. Then after a few hours of surprise "plot" we finally reached the cave full of demons. Now THAT was exciting. I think every character made full use of their abilities. Grimwald creating a Magic Circle against evil was able to create a safety zone to for everyone else to shoot at the classed Vrock(mid level demon) who was a left over bad guy from the last campaign. It took a while in real time, but the characters made short work of him and his goons. Now we are off to visit Nightfang Spire...
(insert scary sounds here).

"Vrock" from the Monster Manual

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Carlos the Dwarf

In just over an hour, Simon, Katia, and I will be heading over to Norton to play some D&D. Ben's campaign has just started into the 4th book and Grimwald Browbeater the Dwarven Cleric who was never meant to go farther than 4th lev is now at 8th lev with level adjust for being reincarnated into the body of a Duergar(dark dwarf). What makes him more complicated is that on the last adventure Grimwald acquired a suit of full plate armor that is cursed with the soul of a long dead Eldritch Knight. Ever day that Grimwald uses the armor there is a chance that he will become this new character...

wacky eh?

We just finished up watching the series "Freaks & Geeks" which we got from Netflix. Overall a good series with lots of unrealized potenial. My favorite moment of the last episode was when "Daniel" the Freak leader ended up haning out with the geeks for the night playing D&D. His character..."Carlos the Dwarf".

Today is going to be a short game day most likely and I'm not sure what else I'm up to. Maybe play some more Mass Effect on the 360. I played that for several hours last night(and didn't seem to get very far it). Overall no major plans beyond gaming this weekend. I should really do something about that...

Friday, January 25, 2008

I'm starving...

Morning in the Amazon

This morning I ordered 3 books from Sword of Truth series and some new Antivirus software...

For some reason I always feel ripped off when I spend money on antivirus.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Territory Marketing Coordinator

Responsible for the successful execution and implementation of all field sales marketing initiatives. Working closely with the Director of Trade Marketing, this position will be the day to day liaison with the sales team. Specific responsibilities include:

-Annual planning with each DSM to identify opportunities
-Leveraging ad-hoc opportunities by going on road with sales, communication with RSMs and Top Accounts team.
-Track all activities and report on project effectivenessCoordinate annual budget
-Partnership development Key Account Marketing Coordination

The successful candidate will possess the following attributes:
-Strong project management skills
-Creative - ability to think creatively and develop innovative approaches and new campaigns
-Ability to multi-task
-Sales Oriented

Qualifications - Education and Work Experience: B.S. degree in marketing or related field and previous work experience


This is my first post of the year. I keep saying how I want to keep writing entries to this but so far I haven't really done much about it. So here is yet another attempt at regular writing.

Things have been pretty crazy in general of late. Crazy in a good way of course.

On the work front, I've just been promoted to a new position. My new title will be Territory Marketing Coordinator. Its a good step up I think as I will be moving to the Marketing department. I'll see if I can add post a job description at some point. While I haven't actually moved to the new position yet, I'm pretty sure that it will happen within the next 2-3 weeks, once they've done the paper work, and scheduled trainings etc. I need to learn a whole new part of the company which is great! I also will still work with the outside sales team as part of the new job which is also good because I already have good relations with 1/3 of them from my old job.

I just bought a new lens for my camera. 50mm 1.8 prime lens. The more that I've been using the 18-135mm (which is a great general purpose lens) the more I missed using something more simple. Greg and I went into Boston a couple of weekends back and I was using his 35mm prime which for part of it. That helped decide for me. The larger aperture makes such a huge difference. While I probably could have forked over another $200 for the 50mm 1.4, since I'm still not shooting nearly as much as I'd like I figured I should just buy the cheaper one and not worry about the extra cost. One of my goals this year is to shoot much more than I have been. For a hobby that I really enjoy I just don't do it enough. Another side project to work on is portrait shooting. I was offered an easy job a few days ago buy someone at work who was looking for somebody to shoot a school dance(middle school). They were expecting about 250-300 kids maybe and were offering $4-$5 a shot. Quick easy money. But I turned it down as I'm not sure I'm up to something like that. I've never done a formal job for money before and I didn't want to screw it up if I'm getting paid. So I told my co-worker that to ask me again next time. So if anyone wants to volunteer to stand in a badly lit room while I take pictures that would be awesome.

I've read 3 books so far this month and about to read a 4th. I need to make an order from Amazon ASAP as I'm running out of new things to read again.

And I'm still trying to find a flight to England for less than $600. Its insane how much the cost has gone up over just the last year alone. I blame the republicans!! Between insane fuel costs, the US dollar tanking, and the airlines cutting back their flights the rates have more than doubled since 2003. What the hell?