Sunday, August 19, 2007


Quick list of things I want to get

Nikon 12-24mm f/4G ED IF Autofocus DC Nikkor Lens
Nikon SB-800 or SB-600 AF Speedlight
Adobe Lightroom
500 GB External HDD
DVD Burner

Problem is that I would like to get all of these items as they all are needed upgraded to my camera gear. The lens would be great, but is also the most expensive. Adobe Lightroom would be extremely useful...but also probably don't need it right away. I can probably go another 6 months or so before I need the HDD as I still have about 200GB free right now..but I don't want to push it too far. Same goes for the DVD Burner.

I think I'm leaning towards the flash as I've lately taken an interest in learning how to use one. Also I've been reading the Nikon D80 user groups on Flickr which has gotten me thinking about things that I would like to do. An email from Iz last week pointed me to which she expressed some interest in doing something along those lines with her dress. That would be quite a lot of fun I think but first would needed to make sure I know what I'm doing. While I'm sure she has plenty of confidence on my ability not to screw up, I'd feel much more comfortable with some practice first.

Anyway...below this I've posted a few images I took today. I was experimenting with water, a pear, and a fast shutter speed. I know that lighting pretty much sucked but I was mainly trying to catch the water mid-splash. Also there are some Images of a clay urn that Katia brought back for me from Ukraine. These took just a minute to set up and I've never really done much in the way of still life photography, but I liked the urn and it inspired me to take these.

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