Sunday, July 22, 2007

Trip to Albany with a Quick Stop in Purgatory

I went up to Albany for the 1st time ever on Friday night to meet up with Greg who was moving his stuff up from DC. Albany is a strange place . Your driving down the highway for hours with nothing at all around(literally nothing..its the Berkshires for half of it), and suddenly BAM!! Albany! What the hell! It's like who ever designed the city learned the art of architecture from totalitarian madmen. While probably not the worst thing I can think of, it surely leaves a feeling of strangeness when you are driving around the government plaza. It's almost unreal that people could design structures that are so stark and cold. The term that Greg used and I agree probably is the most descriptive would be "Orwellian". Pictures probably speak better than here are a few.

Other than the crazy architecture the trip was fun. Greg and I tried to go out to a beer bar but wasn't allowed in due to "over-capacity". Personally I think the bouncer didn't like us, and Greg assures me that everyone who works there is a total bastard. So instead we walked down to a coffee shop that reminded me quite a bit of the Lyons Den(even smelled the same). We sat outside drinking tea and eating "blondies" which were pretty damn good.

The next morning we went to the place that Greg raved about for a "breakfast-wrap". Egg, meat, veggies, and cheese, grilled and put in wrap with a side of home fries. Awesome really. Such a great idea. After spent about an hour emptying Greg's U-haul at the storage place...only took 7 carts. Then a 3 hour drive back to Providence with a quick stop at "Purgatory Chasm" as it had such a kick-ass name.