Saturday, March 10, 2007

Spartans & Spikes

Last night I met up with Simon & Dave(Simon's Brother), and say "300". As another of Frank Miller's graphic novels to movie, I have to say that this one was pretty enjoyable. Not as good as Sin City, as the actual plot left a bit to be wanting, but the imagery in this movie was just amazing. I've always found the Battle of Thermopylae to be fascinating and to see it on film, even if it was grossly inaccurate historically, was a sight to see. This is also a movie one must see in the theatre, as nothing beats a 50 ft screen.

After the movie we met up with Katia and Molly(Dave's friend from home, also visiting) and went to the GCB. While I was waiting for them to get there(I had left early as I didn't want to pay more than a $1 for parking and I was about to hit the 3 hour limit) I ran to Spikes for dinner. Now I've never had a Spikes hot dog before. In Boston I lived 2 blocks from a Spike for a year and a half...and here in Providence Spikes is just on Thayer, so also not hard to get to. I have to say that my first Spike's hot dog was a masterpiece. Never again will a store bought dog be up to my standards as this is truly something everyone should experience.

After my brief Spikes hot dog euphoria I ran back down to the GCB were I finally met up them the gang. Going in, had a beer, I failed miserably at darts before I got to the point where I had to leave everyone due to exhaustion. Went home..sleep.

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