Saturday, March 24, 2007

Saturday Morning Adventures...

Woke up early this morning and decided that I was finally feeling a bit better. I guess sometime during the night the fog in my head lifted. I hate being sick. While I now have a slight cough, and am sneezing light a crazy person, I'm feeling 100% better than I have been over the last couple of days. So, the first thing I did this morning was go for a short stroll to CVS where I picked up a few necessities. Arriving back at the house I realized I had forgotten 2 of the things that really needed and were the whole reason I had gone to CVS int eh first place. So not so long after returning I again left the house, this time via my car and headed to Thayer to hit up the Store 24. Turns out that Store 24 doesn't have any greeting cards at all, so I ended up driving back to CVS to pick up a card. Then I drove back the Thayer as thats where the post office is located. Now, for some reason, I always end up standing in line at the post office for very long periods of time, so I was amazed at the fact there there was nobody in there at all. Going up the desk, I ask for assistance in shipping a package. Turns out that the lady behind the desk had probably won an award for BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE at some point in her life because not only was she very rude to me when I arrived, but she was no help at all in answering my questions on shipping things to the UK. So after several failed attempts to actually mail this package, I finally got everything I needed...and by that time I was in the back of a line of 5 people...5 people who each had about 5-10 packages they needed shipped. They evil bitch behind the counter seemed to delight in the fact that she was working as slowly as possible. Finally it was my turn...and luckly a 2nd Postal Employee arrived so I got go through him instead of Postal Troll Lady. Lucky for me too, as I was very temped to say something to her about her "amazing" customer service skills, which probably would have meant my package would have ended up in Mongolia instead of the UK. But finally I got to leave that wretched hive of scum and villainy. I headed back to the house where I immediately was asked to drive Katia & Simon to the ass end of Providence so that we could pick up their car, which had the unfortunately due to some bad luck been towed while they were at a party somewhere. Lets just say that I live in the nice part of the city...and where this towing company was located was NOT the nice part of the city. Suffice it to say, I wouldn't not have wanted to be walking around this part of town be it day or night. But luckily, the car was in once piece and we were soon back at the house. Thus the morning adventures...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bad Day?

I woke up this morning with a sore throat and discovered that there was no hot water to shower with. I'm wondering if this means that this is going to be one of those bad days...

Monday, March 12, 2007

RIP John Inman

I guess I'm a couple of days late with this, but Mr. Humphries is no more.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Spartans & Spikes

Last night I met up with Simon & Dave(Simon's Brother), and say "300". As another of Frank Miller's graphic novels to movie, I have to say that this one was pretty enjoyable. Not as good as Sin City, as the actual plot left a bit to be wanting, but the imagery in this movie was just amazing. I've always found the Battle of Thermopylae to be fascinating and to see it on film, even if it was grossly inaccurate historically, was a sight to see. This is also a movie one must see in the theatre, as nothing beats a 50 ft screen.

After the movie we met up with Katia and Molly(Dave's friend from home, also visiting) and went to the GCB. While I was waiting for them to get there(I had left early as I didn't want to pay more than a $1 for parking and I was about to hit the 3 hour limit) I ran to Spikes for dinner. Now I've never had a Spikes hot dog before. In Boston I lived 2 blocks from a Spike for a year and a half...and here in Providence Spikes is just on Thayer, so also not hard to get to. I have to say that my first Spike's hot dog was a masterpiece. Never again will a store bought dog be up to my standards as this is truly something everyone should experience.

After my brief Spikes hot dog euphoria I ran back down to the GCB were I finally met up them the gang. Going in, had a beer, I failed miserably at darts before I got to the point where I had to leave everyone due to exhaustion. Went home..sleep.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Post # 50

Yes, you read that right. This is my 50th post to this weblog. Isn't that awesome? I think so. Anyway, i really wish I had more to update with. Something is happening tomorrow...but I still don't want to say anything until after. Nothing much going on other than that. Trying to finalize my plans for June and then lots of work stuff. I guess I'll have an update again soon.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Cthulhu Lives Next Door...

I discovered something rather interesting at work today. It turns out that H.P. Lovecraft lived just around the corner from from my house...on Angell Street. You can read the article Here. I guess that might explian some of the weird shit that goes on around here.

Monday, March 05, 2007


I bought some new stamps today, just to find out that they are going to raise the postage up from 39 cents to 42 cents. Just my luck eh? Good news is that 42 is the answer to the perhaps it not all bad.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Short Myspace Rant...

I hate myspace. I can't even begin to comprehend why people like it so much. Every time I'm on someone's myspace page I feel as if i'm looking at the page of a 12 year old. Seriously I don't get the appeal, especially since there are so many other online communities out there that don't suck nearly as much.


I've made it to 4am...only 20 more hours to go...

It's Almost Mini-Golf Season Again!

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I've been lazy and not updating this thing...

It feels almost like Spring today. Went to CT yesterday to visit the Great Uncle. I didn't realize when I told me father that I'd go do that how far away he lived...but several hours after leaving Providence I found myself in Woodbury Ct, passing through familar places as I went along and experiencing a few flashbacks from times past along the way. After a visit consisting a several hours I left with a feeling of impoverishment as my Grat Uncle is the definition of rich person in on a hill overlooking the entire state it seems. Returned to Providence and went out for some Chinese before returning and watching Spaceballs and Boogie Nights with Simon, Katia, and Vlad. Thus was my Saturday.

This morning I headed to Attleboro and picked up a couple things at Target and Borders. I am now the owner of Season 1 of "24" as it was selling for less than $20. I have never really been into the show all that much but that was mainly as I've never really had the chance to watch it. There was that day 2 years ago or so that Simon and I attempted to watch all of season 1 straight through, but Greg's copy of Ep. 10 was corrupted so we didn't really get that much past that. Lets see if I can start to understand everybody's obsession with this show.

I'm looking forward to the end of the week already...and it hasn't even started yet. I have something going on this coming Friday that I'm excited and nervous about...but more on that later as I don't curse myself so early...

But Spring seems to be returning if slowly. I had my sunroof open in my car this morning for the first time in 4 months...that's something anyway.