Sunday, January 21, 2007

Photo Weekend

This weekend Greg came up to visit from DC. He and I made a plan to spend the weekend shooting with our digital cameras. Saturday was spent in Boston. It was a cold day. Damn cold. Lots of wind. Madness and such. Later, Simon, Katia, and Ben met us at South Station and the five of us headed to Allston to hit up the Sunset Grill. Dinner and drinks followed and then a long ride home where I must have fallen asleep as I seem to have only vague memories of it. Today Greg and I attempted to shoot Providence and met is some success. Now I'm just exhausted and thinking I'm about to succumb to the horrible illnesses that have been going around endlessly for months. Below are some of the photo's I took. These are all with my new Nikon D80. Mostly with my 18-135 lens, but a few(the ones with the off focal planes) with the 85 mm tilt/shift lens that Greg rented.

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