Wednesday, October 25, 2006


This morning Izabela reminded me that I haven't posted anything here for a long while. Yes, I did post some pictures here and there, but nothing really of substance. I guess I've just been way to busy lately, or possibly I've lost the ambition to write here regularly. So what is new with my life? I've completed a full year at Collette Vacations and am looking forward to that raise they promised me. October is is basicly over with less than a week left. I'm looking forward to my vacation next month. Yet another trip abroad, again this time to visit Iz in England. Since I will be there for thanksgiving I've been put in charge of pie making, cranberry sauce, and bringing as many seasons of West Wing as I can.
At work they anounce several trips for next year, and I promptly signed up to be considered for 4 of them. We shall see if I can get onto one or not. I've been told I have a good chance. My fingers are crossed. I'd love to go back to Spain, but England, Sicily, or China would be great too.

This is a picture from a couple of weeks ago when Greg and Laura visited. It's really the only one I think I have that didn't turn out too terribly, although they both look like they are about to pass out.

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