Monday, October 30, 2006

Death of Youth

I was at Wheaton a week ago and ran into one of my old professors. I never really liked the guy but I did take several classes with him and he was incompetent thesis advisor, so to be polite I stopped and said hello. Turns out that this was the worst thing I could have done as he had no clue who I was. Can you say awkward now? I gave him my name, and a list of classes that I took with him(small classes mind you), and the best he could come up with is that my face looked "familiar".

I guess its finally happened now. I'm officially no longer a post-college grad. I think I've transitioned into a "twenty-something". I find this rather depressing honestly. I miss my youth and the joys of irresponsibility. Since I don't see anyone inventing a time machine any time soon, I guess I'll just have to accept this loss. Good for me.

Sunday, October 29, 2006


This has been a Halo weekend. I've played more Halo with Simon than I've done since Greg moved out this past summer. It's a nice change of pace actually from sitting around the house bored in my free time. Beside Halo, I've been submerged in the world of Firefly. Yesterday, as the weather was too terrible to actually leave the house I spent most of the day watched Firefly's first and only season. I finished it up today and then watched Serentiy as a finally. There are so many places this show could have gone and I feel that its time was cut way to short.

I failed this weekend to actually do some of the stuff I need to always get done on the weekends, such as grocery shopping and laundry. I'll be able to do the laundry tomorrow I guess, but not sure if the food shopping is likely as by the time I get home from work I'm usually much to tired to do much of anything. Only 2 more days until November. I can't wait.

Quote of the Day: "If wishes were horses, then we'd all be eating steak!"

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


This morning Izabela reminded me that I haven't posted anything here for a long while. Yes, I did post some pictures here and there, but nothing really of substance. I guess I've just been way to busy lately, or possibly I've lost the ambition to write here regularly. So what is new with my life? I've completed a full year at Collette Vacations and am looking forward to that raise they promised me. October is is basicly over with less than a week left. I'm looking forward to my vacation next month. Yet another trip abroad, again this time to visit Iz in England. Since I will be there for thanksgiving I've been put in charge of pie making, cranberry sauce, and bringing as many seasons of West Wing as I can.
At work they anounce several trips for next year, and I promptly signed up to be considered for 4 of them. We shall see if I can get onto one or not. I've been told I have a good chance. My fingers are crossed. I'd love to go back to Spain, but England, Sicily, or China would be great too.

This is a picture from a couple of weeks ago when Greg and Laura visited. It's really the only one I think I have that didn't turn out too terribly, although they both look like they are about to pass out.