Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Something about Tuesdays

Tuesdays are funny things. They aren't like Mondays which you dread as it is the beginning of the week, but aren't quite like any other day either, as with the exception of Mondays they are the furthest day away from Saturday.

Today is promising to be as unlike a Saturday as can be. I've somehow been swindled into working until 8pm tonight with a bunch of other people to catch us all up on our work. Of course, this doesn't mean I won't go into work early as I do every other day. No, I'm the guy who is going to claw out ever bit of overtime that I can possibly achieve while I can. The last few weeks I've been averaging about an hour and a half a day. Last week I worked 48.75 hours. I'm going to get a good paycheck this week.

But someday soon, this is going to wear me out. I normally wouldn't kill myself through work of I didn't have to, but as I'm leaving to Australia and New Zealand for 2 weeks, I really need to clean my desk. So what do I do? I work longer...harder...and tire myself out so that by the time I get home I'm toast.

But until then I will continue as I have been, as in truth, I have little else to occupy myself now anyway. I'm up early everyday as I am naturally a morning person and I could sit there in front of the TV for an hour...or I could go to the office and get paid for sitting there...

Easy decision...

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