Saturday, July 22, 2006

A New Begining

This is my first attempt. I've been using LJ for a few years now, but never have I been satisfied with it. It seems cheezy and just doesn't look good. This morning a Blogger friend of mine convinced me to try this out. So here I am...I'll probably still be using the LJ until I get this up and running, but if it turns out that I like this more...then well...'nuff said.

To answer your question I know you are all thinking...."What the Hell is CrytoGnomicon?"

Well..thats easy....and no my friends...I'm not a Gnome who lives in a Crypt.

Favorite Book: Crytonomicon
And Gnomes are just fun.

Besides...sounds beter than CrytoDwarficon doesn't it?

And for your own amusement...

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